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beautiful pink lava erupting in this dreamstate horizon
2013-06-07 2:00 a.m.

This entry is from an ancient 1980 paper diary tucked away on our bookself. Rereading it revealed how much has changed, how much I am the same (in spite of growing up) which inspired my typing it into a 21st Century friendly form to share with the world - starting here.

Tuesday 4/29/80

Lisa just got done taking an exam that she figured she did really well on, so we mixed up some sweet strawberry Daiquiris - she came in and woke me up from a nap I took - I even came home early because I fell asleep on my hands after running 16 soil samples myself at work - So I left Dr. Hussey a note-

I was feeling really spacey again - It has been pretty intense since Fri. night
Anyway... After getting crazy with Miss Wetherington a while, I walked to Joe's. I was too looped to try to ride my board, so I just walked. While on my way, I met one of my neighbors I've never encountered before - His name is Scott - and he's kinda gayish. That's Okay - I'll have to get to know him better for sure before I make any judgements.

Onward to Joe's - and it "paid" off - there was a sudden change of weather - and it was inspiring. Debbie gave me a ride home after a while.

Barry dropped in - he always looks good to me - to bad his head is so fucked up. We could have had a really good time. I didn't get anything done creative today. Oh Well - I went to bed after an ultra hedonistic warm bath.

Lisa H called and told me she would be coming into town this weekend. She'll be here on Saturday afternoon - I'll be looking forward to that for sure.
I'm doing pretty damn good remembering all this stuff -