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beautiful pink lava erupting in this dreamstate horizon
2013-06-07 4:32 a.m.

This entry is from an ancient 1980 paper diary tucked away on our bookself. Rereading it revealed how much has changed, how much I am the same (in spite of growing up) which inspired my typing it into a 21st Century friendly form to share with the world - starting here.

Wednesday 4/30/80 Full Moon

Today was a good day - only thing I didn't like was not getting to see my film - the Lab screwed up big time by not processing anyone's films but Crew's because he turned his in early. Oh Well -

Today Crew and I and Sandi met in the Bullfrog room to plot out the shooting script - It went quite well - we seem to work together well.

The full moon has me at my best this month. I'm feeling so high energy I can't seem to sleep - a lot of it is because of pollen. Lisa even got a horrendous Earache. I hope she's feeling OK. I'm even up to 75 sit ups and 20 push ups!

Today I found out I have NO Finals this quarter - just a bunch of Final Projects. I Love final projects. They are the best. I can work on them when I feel like it.

Without any finals I have 16 (count'm) 16 days of break. Depending on my finances (which are still mighty bleak) I can go to Fla. with Lisa H. and visit Scott Lipman. Lisa wants to fly - but I want to drive so I can put it on my credit card. Actually - it probably won't cost too much - I've got to try to put it out of my mind.

Dennis left a note on my door to meet him up at the Downtowner. Funny - I felt an unbelievable desire to open the door to the Downtowner when I walked home from Hodgeson's Rx - I was checking out the set - Boy - I like being the director of a film - even if it is only a Super 8 Silent 3 min. film. I need to finish getting that stuff together...

As I was saying - I walked right past the bar - and Dennis was there the whole time! Next time I'll listen to the sense. Bizarre things happen to people who trip together.

Kathy who gave me my REM Button has a news class right next to mine - Neato. I'm glad - I'll get to know her better that way.

Danny Pransky dropped by this evening on his way home from being out and about - He has something I want really bad! That LSD of great aclaim - Blue Dragon this time - but he only had one for himself - but still I can't wait to try it again.
Well book, I wanna make a graphic for the film -
So until tomorrow (I'll tell ya' what happens on big production day!)
Love to Faithful book - even if I do get too distracted (sometimes) to write.