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beautiful pink lava erupting in this dreamstate horizon
2005-07-11 12:48 p.m.

I thought you would be amused to know I have a huge blister on the palm of my right hand from my morning's activity. What caused this odd complaint?

Ha! I was cleaning the Corner of Death up of Iggi's most recent prey. As usual I grabbed the remains of the dead rat with a generous helping of toilet paper in hand. I dropped the rat in the toilet. It was a big one, but now I was committed, the rat was in the water. I never ever took one out once it went in. Bravely I flushed.

It turned sideways like a breech birth; it would not go down. I plunged it gently into a position more likely to support making the dead rat slide through. I flushed again. It entered the passage at the bottom of the toilet, then stalled 1/2 way! The tail just taunted me.

More creative plunging and a couple flushes- success! the rat tail is now invisible! and HORRORS! now the toilet is TOTALLY fully and completely plugged up. Oh No! Uh Oh...

For the next 45 minutes I furiously plunged in myriad angles, rhythms, and various levels of intensity with 2 different plungers. At one point I tried probing with the toilet brush-it got really stuck, too. Argh! NO Luck and it seems to be getting worse!

Fearing the wasted time & $ calling the plumber, telling that plumber what I did... I luckily yanked out the stuck toilet brush with a herculean pull. With eyes closed against splashing I gave the plugged commode another mighty rapid fire plunge attack with renewed determination. Hmmmmm

When I opened my eyes to see what I could see, the water was draining, very slowly, but surely. There is HOPE!

Two or three more rounds of frenzied & determined plunging that left me panting- and finally, miraculously I placed my hand on the lever-
ker-chunk WHOOSH! The rat at long last became dislodged from where ever it was stuck. It moved on down the line.

Saved from Iggi's rat that wouldn't go away, relieved and sweaty from the effort, while mopping up the bathroom I realized my palm was blistered- but heck! I did it! I won't flush the whoppers any more. no way!