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beautiful pink lava erupting in this dreamstate horizon
2005-06-01 3:21 a.m.

About a month ago I got a phone call from a long term friend who was moving and said she needed a place to stay for the night. I told her OK. Two and a half weeks later she was still at my house camping in my Playhouse in my yard with a cat named Nemo on a leash.

After I finally cornered her to talk (she was avoiding the subject and avoiding me too) and told her she must move on, she flipped out me in the quiet sneaky way.

She sneaked aroud in my house when I was not home, climbed in windows, etc. and ripped me off for cash over a period of a week. Below is the note I wrote to her...


I do not know where to start other than to note the irony of the trip we took to your storage unit and the grocery store last week. I insisted you take 20$ because I did not want you to go around hungry. You told me you had 2$ left.

That was a lie, and you knew it. I heard it in your voice, I saw it in your eyes.

Another irony is you could hang out pretending to be my trusted friend, accept Bob and I's generosity and time, then rob our home the first chance you got. I imagine you thought you were really slick and that I wasn't going to notice.

You grossly underestimate me Lelia. The vibe was vile, it gave you away; It revealed your guilt as the perpetrator.

I quietly waited and carefully watched, listened... Piece after piece of evidence fell together to complete the puzzle. The truth revealled itself. I didn't want to believe what what I saw!

Your action has jeopardized my ability to pay bills this month. Your denial and disregard of the boundary conditions in this loving home that sheltered you brought comment from our landlord. The lack of gratitude and epoch disrespect demonstrated toward me is immeasurable...

I've been lied to, ripped off, betrayed and more- No mystery why you took sweet Nemo away the sneaky way you did. Did you realize I was on to you? Fear confrontation with the truth? Feel ashamed? Panic? Afraid I'd retailiate?

L, I am deeply hurt. I mourn the loss of you, my friend, and remain grateful for (what I believe to be) genuinely fun times we've shared. I want you to have everything dear and precious- all the love you can absorb, but please! no longer at my expense.

I stopped by your new place with Scrappy looking for you this morning. It is great. Congratulations. Cheap too- It only cost you a phone call to your mom for money, and one true loving friend.