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beautiful pink lava erupting in this dreamstate horizon
2005-11-10 7:41 p.m.

Subject: i am in the hospital for a serious brain thing
Date: November 4, 2005 5:26:25 PM PST

it is hard for me to share more now.
please pray for me

Sorry I can't seem to get this news out to everyone.

Subject:latest leslie report

greetings everyone!

Leslie is starting to feel somewhat better and has started to eat solid food Wed. night thanks to steroid Prednisone. After a barrage of needles, fluids, expenses, brain storming, stress and tests, we get to start testing all over again with a different type of lead Doctor. From Neurosurgeon to Reumatoligist !!

This could be the beginning of a long investigative adventure.

Her current pharmaceutical drugs prescribed :
DRUG (ingredient)Directions :Common Uses
NORVASC 5Mg pill (Amlodipine)Take ONE pill, TWICE Dailyhigh blood press. calcium channel blocker
PREDNISONE 20Mg pill (Steriod)Take TWO pills Daily for 1st week then 1.5 pills daily 2nd week- then 1 pill daily 3rd Corticosteriod -treats severe allergies, arthritis
CATAPRES TTS Patches (Clonidine)Apply ONE patch Weeklyhigh blood press. - alpha agonist
PERCOCET 5Mg pill (Oxycodone)Take ONE pill, 4 times Daily As NeededNarcotic Pain Reliever binds to Opioid
LEXAPRO 10Mg pill (Escitalopram)Take ONE pill DailyDepression/ Anxiety
KEFLEX 500Mg capsule (Cephalexin)Take ONE capsule, 4 x Daily for 7 DaysCephalosporin Antibiotic
SULFAMETHOXAZOLE Take ONE pill, TWICE Daily for SEVEN DaysAntibiotic combination
ROZEREM (Sleeping Pills)Take ONE pill, at Bedtime as neededSleeping Pill

Cat Scan (CT) done on initial visit 10/30/05 & first MRI done on 10/31/05
FINDINGS and IMPRESSIONS by Dr. Scott Duffy (initial Emerg. Room visit 10/30/05)
& Dr. Ken Blumenfeld (Neurosurgeon overseeing Leslieís case). EKG done
looks good ( Iím told). So far, Beta Blockers & Morphine canít be tolerated by Leslie.
She had the worst headache ever for almost two days before she let me take her in.
Her current (Nov. 2nd ) Rx is Dilaudid (pain), Zofran (anti-nausia), Norvasc (anti-
hypertensive), Clonidine (blood pressure patch), Prednisone (steroid for potential
vasculitus), Pepcid (stomach), only liquid food. Blood test results expected soon.
Suspect : Immune System ? Leslieís self-diagnoses before this Oct. 2005 incident :
Arthritis, Reynardís Syndrome, various mold and pollen allergies, Ö She had an
Angiogram done this afternoon (Nov. 2nd) for additional info. (Dr. wanted to rule out her own immune system ) - Results were pending. Now we found out what Leslie has known all along - it IS Leslie's own immune system fighting her own body !! (Auto-Immune syndrome ??). So, ....

From Neurosurgeon to Reumatoligist !!
She's doing OK. Lots of pills and home nursing so far.
more as I learn and deal with it,
love to you all and thanks for caring.