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2014-09-30 10:29 p.m.
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I'm purging my office- again. It feels great! Shorter days and long nights are energizing and euphoric for me!

There are dead/dying electronic devices that are unused - destined for Renew Computers to be repurposed/renovated. I moved my negatives and photo archive to a bigger file box. Sketchbooks that can't fit in the filing cabinet have their own file box.

Audio cables are in containers with lids so dust isn't an issue anymore. Power cords and filters have their own spot. The things for recording are moving to a new rack. Mold is abated from the office closet too!

My goal is for most everything to fit in the closet. Gathered in sensible containers. The containers containing nothing will be used elsewhere or 86'd!!!

All my shoes and coats live in the office, so does a guest bed for when the playhouse is too cold for guests. It's a tiny room with lots of windings and black lights, portfolios of art & art supplies.

The best thing of all so the solid oak drafting table with casters I use for drawing. And sewing. And repairing computers. Soldering. Wiring lamps. Basically every creative thing not happening on my computers (except the printer and server running 24/7 in there too.

It's a small room with lots of windows. When the Riffles rehearsed in the living room (before I reclaimed it) everybody hung out in my office, the tiniest room in the house! bob found a sign saying, "max occupancy 50 people." There were times it felt like more than 50...

When we were first married and Bob didn't know how to self entertain, I spent a lot of time in my office to have uninterrupted alone time. He's much better at not needing continuous audience now - so my office isn't the refuge it used to be. Even if I spend time elsewhere I don't want to let my space go to seed.

So back to the trenches I go! The music streams to the stereo there again thanks to a new modern airport express replacing the first generation obsolete one. AirPlay works again!

Maybe I'll inspire action enabling his den of iniquity's long overdue ultra purge - it's scary in there!