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beautiful pink lava erupting in this dreamstate horizon
2014-06-09 9:47 p.m.
Art Rocks Rocked!

I was in Athens for a week and a half in May when Art Rocks Athens events and music were starting. After two and a half years of work it was a total rush seeing the fruit of our (myself and the other three 'Aces') labor.

Two non-Athenian friends came to Athens to witness the spectacle - one from CA and the other from CT. It was their first time there. They volunteered to help, which introduced them to many of my old friends who were playing music for the ARA art openings and concerts.

I ran across a link to a documentary about the heyday of the Athens scene I thought they would appreciate since meeting many of the people during Art Rocks. Athens GA, Inside Out was made in 1983 or 84. After fotwarding the link, I got the big idea to embed it here!