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beautiful pink lava erupting in this dreamstate horizon
2013-06-02 12:45 a.m.

This entry is from an ancient 1980 paper diary tucked away on our bookself. Rereading it revealed how much has changed, how much I am the same (in spite of growing up) which inspired my typing it into a 21st Century friendly form to share with the world - starting here.

4/27/ Sunday

I've been quite scattered the past couple days and haven't written anything here - Actually I felt ptetty uninspired - I am depressed today - It's doug's birthday - I guess they're in DC making a record. Sigh!

The weekend was good though - Thursday night was the Public Image show, Friday night I got off work Early and Dennis picked me up - And we did some LSD that was really fine. Thursday my period was supposed to start - but it didn't. What else is new? Could be because I fasted a few days. Tuesday Dad came into town + took me out to Martel's to eat. Friday night was a great party party on Lexington Road - Danced till 4 in the morning, then went to Ihop with Kathy. She gave me an R.E.M. button - and I gave her my purple changa pic Button. She appreciated it - as I appreciated mine.

Saturday there was an Art festival on College Avenue. And I was still super spacey from the night before - I even discovered a Mod bar right up the street from me - the Downtowner! Even has a good pinball machine in it.

Saturday night I should have gone to see the Ramones movie instead of going out - It was a waste. N is a joke - she has something to say about everything. I'm not gunna let this book get this behind again. Sorry about that -
I Apologize!

Tried to call Doug (why?) - I figured no one would answer - I hope they're in DC - I think I'll call from work tomorrow or something - I just wanna talk and see what's up.

Someone was hanging around outside my house last night calling "Leslie, you want to do some 'Ludes" - Gee Whiz - needless to say I didn't open the door - who wants to let trouble in!