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2013-05-26 4:30 p.m.

This entry is from an ancient 1980 paper diary tucked away on our bookself. Rereading it revealed how much has changed, how much I am the same (in spite of growing up) which inspired my typing it into a 21st Century friendly form to share with the world - starting here.

4/18/80 Friday

The weekend's here at last! And with the waxing moon I am becoming more sociable at last. Good thing - there's Lots to do tonight! I'll do this day in chronological order, as usual.

Lisa was supposed to wake up for first period lab today - and as I expected she didn't make it - and I was almost late for class because I waited for her to go with me.

I was really zipped when I got to class and then found out we were having a "quiz" about T.V. in general. FUCK IT. I did the best I can - and was okay with that. Also, when we went to see my performance as a new wave singer on a talk show on tape, the segment was lost - Probably never recorded. We got to see the outtakes of it, but the final performance was definitely the one to see.

After class I went into work. There was some stuff to do, but we got off early - it's easy to innoculate a study and clean up the mist chambers to be off at around 3 - Even Dr. Hussey took of early (What else is new!) Then to uptown to hang out. First I run into Allison's roomate, Mark. We went to Chapter 3 Records.

Oh Yeah! I remember now! Fred (the one you see in Local Color all the time) was in front of the Art building as I was walking past. I had on my T.V. button I made - and I gave it to him - 'cause it matched what he wore, and because I like him. He was truly appreciative. We went over all the parties in town that night - And then a friend of his from class - Kathy - came in. She said something about living in the CHURCH - and R.E.M. playing at the Kaffee Klub on Saturday. Michael, the friend I gave the Syd Barrett for President button to, plays in R.E.M. and lives at the church.

Well, she went on to try to alienate me (as Fred put it) by telling me that "she never misses a practice, and how practice is closed," etc. Fred was ignoring her - and he never does that. When she walked away we had a very insightful conversation - And he went on to tell me how this girl must have been deprived of the feeling of belonging and now is making up for it by closing other people out. How true! I wonder if I have ever done anything like that? THANKS, FRED - you deserve the time and love of 1000 buttons.

Back to uptown w/Mark - We went to hang out in front of Curtis' place - And some dancers began to accumulate on the street - For a dance exercise with the parking meters - A strange thing to see. The whole crazy bunch was uptown for the phenomenon. Jerry, the guy with the purple henna hair, thought I'd look cute in a miniskirt for the 60's party at the Zoo tonight. I like him - I find him to be very sexy - but Mark L told me he was gay - I don't know whether to believe it or not. I still like him.

And the parties! Jesus Christ! You can not imagine - two at the same time. At houses next to eachother at Milledge + Prince - across from Dunkin Donuts. Everyone and his brother were there. It was so crazy!

Music playing, etc. I had fun. I walked up there and walked home! Such a nice evening. There was lots of good times to be had - and several people pulled me out of the crowd to party in other rooms. At around 12:30 Everyone went up to the Koffee Klub - and I went home.
Tonight is Glenn's party - I will go to that for sure. Also to the Koffee Klub I'm sure!
Oh - until later to write more about Saturday-